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Rod Schneider - Head Coach and Leader of Loving Life Tribe

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About Our Head Coach And Tribe Leader

Rod Schneider portrait

I’m Rod Schneider from Melbourne, Australia.  

Life can be tough, and I wouldn’t have survived without the helpful, supportive and caring people who have loved me and walked with me through difficult times.  That’s why I’m gathering a tribe of amazing men and women who are passionate about helping people like you to love your life, even when it’s tough.

I’m writing my first book, sharing how I am overcoming many struggles related to my Bipolar Disorder.  I now have a calm, healthy, meaningful and sustainable life (after living undiagnosed for 10 years, then misdiagnosed for 10 years and having 3 major mental breakdowns that severely affected my life and family). It has been a tough journey, and I’ve had to make so many changes in my life, but it is all worth it.

I love hearing people’s stories of how they overcame life’s difficulties and the lessons they learned while going through life’s trials.  So I’m soon launching the Loving Life Podcast to share these stories with the world and help others going through similar challenges.

I offer mentoring and life coaching to people who want to Recover From Setbacks, Uncover Their True Identity, Know Their Purpose, Increase Their Level of Life Satisfaction and Impact Their Spheres of Influence to Make the World a Better Place.  If this sound like you, feel free to Get In Touch and ask me whether I am available to take on new clients.

I encourage you to Join our Facebook Group to meet an amazing tribe, engage, interact, find answers and support when you need it, and learn from each other how to love your life and make a difference.


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